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Chandler Equipment


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Chandler’s new SDT-MH 18 is the latest design in the Chandler Tender line-up. The three-hopper design gives the user a 575-cubic-foot capacity tender. Each hopper has steeper-sloped sides (50 degrees) and ends (43 degrees) for easier clean-up and enhanced feed of material. The feed gates are larger 11X24-inch openings, which eliminates the need to climb on the unit for any clean-out purposes, the company says. Additionally, the discharge and belly auger transition mechanism has been redesigned for smoother material transfer and reduced material spill when disengaging the two augers. Standard features include hydraulic clean-out gates, 304 stainless steel auger/tube, and a single-point grease bank for greasing all grease points at one location. Optional features include Vibco vibrators and Agri-Cover SRT2 tarp systems.