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Pentair Hypro

ProClean II Push Valve

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The ProClean II Push Valve releases flow by applying pressure to the rim of a container requiring the same push force to activate regardless of liquid pressure. The self-flushing feature reduces delays and the inconvenience of valve failure that may be caused by particulate or chemical build-up and ensures a clean container that is suitable for recycling and full utilization of the container contents. The ProClean nozzles allow users to clean containers more effectively and therefore more efficiently—saving both time and water resources. The ProClean rotating nozzles place jets of water upwards and downwards to give a thorough all around rinsing action while the ProClean Plus offers a static blade nozzle for fast cleaning of persistent, sticky residues on the base of a container. The two complementary nozzle types are each designed for different situations and can be used effectively in sequence either by batch rinsing and swapping nozzles or installing the two nozzles side by side in the chemical induction bowl.