Razor Tracking Forms Mixed-Fleet Telematics Integration With CNH

Case IH and New Holland customers can now see their support vehicles equipped with Razor Tracking devices in the same platform.

CNH has partnered with Razor Tracking to develop an integrated system that would allow customers’ equipment and tracked assets to be viewed together in either the Razor Tracking platform or the platforms of CNH (AFS Connect for Case IH customers, or MyPLMConnect for New Holland customers).


“This is all about making things easier for our customers,” said Dan Danford, Precision Technology Partner Manager from CNH. “By enabling our customers to make their Case IH and New Holland vehicles visible in Razor Tracking and then view all of their tracked assets in their connected platform, we’re helping them simplify their farm management demands.”

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This integration allows Razor Tracking and CNH customers to monitor their equipment, service vehicles, and non-powered equipment in either platform. In addition to seeing GPS location, Razor Tracking devices will also provide vehicle VIN, fuel remaining, hours, location pings, engine running, location history, heading, and speed; when available.

“We are proud to be the preferred provider of a complete solution for CNH,” said Eric Mauch, Managing Partner of Razor Tracking. “Our devices are the perfect complement to any operation with CNH equipment.”

The Razor Tracking platform has significantly expanded in the last several years; and has set out to provide the most user-friendly telematics system in the industry. In 2019, Razor Tracking set out to provide an open data platform and expand its product to allow partners and resellers to embed Razor Tracking technology into their platform or onboard through a reseller program. To learn more, visit RazorTracking.com/integrations.