Wilbur-Ellis Pasco: Environmental Stewardship Through Preparation

At Wilbur-Ellis Co., Pasco, WA, environmental stewardship is as proactive a process as it is reactive, says Operations Manager Roger Richardson. “Respecting the environment means having a strong commitment to not just clean up after a spill but to ensure that one does not happen in the first place,” says Richardson. “Wilbur-Ellis has a firm commitment to its customers, neighbors and community to operate with environmentally sound principals.”


To make certain this happens, the outlet has an extensive training program for all its employees. “Every year, new employees are trained in a two-day HAZWOPER Training Program with annual recertification for all employees,” says Richardson. “Continuous updating of our pre-fire emergency plan, along with annual training, is critical to assure that our employees have the most current and up-to-date information regarding any emergency that could arise. The safety, security, regulatory and environmental office monitors existing programs and regulations to ensure the most current and up-to-date information is collected and given to each location for training.”

In its community, Wilbur-Ellis Pasco employees work closely with the local Future Farmers of America, 4-H and Boy Scout chapters. In addition, the outlet holds holiday and barbecue dinners for employees and their families.

“By having good people and good workplace practices, we can ensure a place that we can raise our families in the same way that we were raised, with clean air to breath, clean water to drink and food that is not contaminated,” says Richardson. “I believe that Wilbur-Ellis and its growers believe in this principle and work hard at seeing it become a reality.”

Note: Wilbur-Ellis Co., Pasco, WA is a 2012 state Environmental Respect Award winner. For more information on this program, which is sponsored by DuPont, click here.

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