4 Keys To Mixing Products Safely

As any ag retailer will agree, mixing products for grower-customers is one of the basic job functions at many outlets. Of course, having these kinds of sensitive products on-site means dealerships must safeguard them to ensure they are being protected from the elements and potential theft. Below you will find photos taken at various dealerships around the country that illustrate a thorough understanding of product mixing security and safety.


Key Points To Consider

Here are four points to consider:

  1. Mixing of crop protection products, if done on-site, should be done in an enclosed, properly vented building to minimize exposure to employees.
  2. All dry fertilizer mixing should be conducted in a roof-covered building with spill pad. Materials used in the mixing process should be kept nearby to minimize the risk of product spills that could result from moving items across long distances at the retail outlet.
  3. Outside storage tanks must be properly diked and should be regularly pumped to prevent rainwater from causing potential rusting.
  4. If the facility has a rail loading/unloading site, the place where these activities take place should have spill pads installed to keep product from accidental falling onto exposed ground. A pad will also help employees with clean up in the event of an unwanted spill.



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