Precision Ag Technology: Act Like You’ve Been There Before

Precision Ag Technology: Act Like You’ve Been There Before

One of my dad’s favorite, albeit borrowed, sayings was, “Act like you’ve been there before.”


He was mostly referring to NFL players who showboat after scoring touchdowns (think Deion “Primetime” Sanders or Billy “White Shoes” Johnson). And forget about today’s elaborate, choreographed celebrations that entire teams routinely do in the end zone. Those displays of grandstanding are usually followed by a five-minute diatribe from my dad about the good ol’ days when players respected the game. His old-school mentality is much more suited for watching players who simply handed the football back to the ref after crossing the goal line, a la Jim Brown or Barry Sanders. They always acted like they had been there before.

That time-honored sports quote applies to today’s precision ag industry. Seemingly every time a new technology disrupts, err, is introduced to the industry, precision ag professionals often act like it’s the first time a new solution or product has ever been launched. The negativity is immediate: “There’s no way we can integrate this new technology with the existing one.” “Growers will never go for it.” “I have to get trained on something new — again?” These are just some examples of the overreaction that ensues.


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