University of Arkansas Offers Screening for Non-Dicamba Soybeans

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is offering a service to screen non-dicamba tolerant soybeans being grown for seed production that might have been exposed to dicamba.

“We’ve heard from growers who worry about the effects that dicamba exposure might have on their non-dicamba beans for seed production,” said Bob Scott, professor and weed scientist for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. “They want to be sure their soybean seed is vigorous and free of any dicamba symptoms.”

Growers who wish to have their seed tested will need to download and fill out a form and submit about 1,000 soybean seeds per sample. Growers will be asked to specify the type of seed, whether conventional, Roundup Ready, Liberty Link, Enlist or other variety.

“We will be testing for percentage of germination, the percentage of seedlings showing auxin-type symptoms 14 days after emergence,” Scott said.

The cost per sample is $100. Checks should be made out to “Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.”

For more information, contact Bob Scott at or 501-676-3124.