UPL NA Receives EPA Registration for IronGate Herbicide in Wheat

UPL NA Inc., a provider of holistic and sustainable agricultural solutions, has announced the U.S. EPA registration of IronGate herbicide for use on winter, spring and durum wheat for the control of a broad spectrum of grasses, including multiple brome species, and broadleaf weeds.

IronGate herbicide delivers excellent post-emergent, residual control at a low use rate through its high-efficiency premix formulation of flucarbazone-sodium and pyroxsulam, two leading wheat active ingredients. For winter wheat growers facing brome species in their fields, IronGate herbicide can be applied in the fall or spring to keep these winter annuals from interfering with crop growth and reducing yield. IronGate herbicide also delivers the ultimate defense against a wide range of other troublesome grass and broadleaf weeds, while providing tank-mix flexibility to reduce trips across the field.


Kathy Seitzinger, Strategic Marketing Manager for UPL NA Inc., said: “We are excited to introduce new IronGate herbicide to wheat growers, especially winter wheat growers facing yield-robbing brome species. The flexibility of IronGate herbicide is a big benefit for wheat growers with a wide application window and exceptional tank-mix flexibility.”

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