FBN Publishes ‘Voice of the Farmer’ Agriculture State of the Industry Style Report

FBN’s “The Voice of the Farmer” report cover.

Farmer’s Business Network (FBN) released today its “The Voice of the Farmer”, which the company is describing as “a special research report on the state of American agriculture and the challenges facing farmers.”

The Voice of the Farmer (Download Full 72 Page Report) *(Editor’s Note: FBN wants your email address and cell phone number in exchange for the “free” download, but there doesn’t seem to be any verification involved, so you could probably use a fake one) examines the state of modern day farming through a combination of candid interviews with farmers and analysis of millions of acres of real farm yield and thousands of farmer seed and chemical invoices and price records.

What issues are weighing on the minds of farmers in 2017? What does the data say about the impact of ag industry mergers and farm consolidation on farm profits?

“Independent family farms are the core of our food system, but are too often left out of the most important discussions affecting their livelihoods.” Said FBN network Co-Founder & VP of Product, Charles Baron. “We created The Voice of the Farmer to examine the most pressing issues facing farmers and what they mean for their farm incomes and the future of their industry.”

What’s on Farmers’ Minds and What the Data Says:

The full 72 page Voice of the Farmer report includes first of its kind analysis on the impact of consolidation and increasing market share among input manufacturers on the prices farmers pay, according to FBN. The report draws directly from millions of acres of anonymized precision crop yield records spanning thousands of seeds and their associated prices actually paid by farmers.