Signs Of Ag Retail Safety

Emergency Eyewash Station

For the past seven years, CropLife® magazine has covered all aspects of retailer security and safety with in-depth articles on the ways U.S. companies protect their products and employees. Here are four key points to consider for ensuring security and safety at your facility.

  • Product containment is very important, and can take many forms depending on the situation. If possible, containment systems should be able to handle over 100% of the liquid product stored within them while dry materials should be protected from the elements.
  • Eyewash stations and safety showers should be located at various locations around the dealership. They should also be periodically checked to make sure they are in good working order.
  • Training should be mandatory for all employees, particularly when it comes to safety and security procedures. If possible, the dealership should have a few specialized, highly trained individuals to deal with the worst on-site disasters.
  • Even when products are being discarded, a measure of caution is called for. Empty containers and used mote oil should be stored in an enclosed area and disposed of according to waste management/governmental protocols.

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