Syngenta Receives Chinese Import Approval For <b>Agrisure</b> Viptera <b>...</b>
Dec 23, 2014 ... Syngenta has announced that it has received the safety certificate for its Agrisure
Viptera trait (event MIR162) from China's regulatory ...
Syngenta Faces Second Lawsuit Over <b>Agrisure</b> Viptera Corn Seed <b>...</b>
Sep 23, 2014 ... A second company has sued Syngenta AG over sales of genetically modified
corn seed not approved by China.
WinField Adds <b>Agrisure</b>, DroughtGard Traits To CROPLAN Lineup <b>...</b>
Jan 28, 2014 ... WinField customers can now benefit from three traits – Agrisure Artesian and
Duracade (Syngenta) and Genuity DroughtGard (Monsanto).
Mar 4, 2013 ... Syngenta announced that the USDA has fully deregulated Agrisure Duracade,
enabling launch in the U.S. for the 2014 planting season.
ASTA Comments On Syngenta, Gavilon Distribution Agreement For <b>...</b>
Mar 10, 2014 ... ... Andrew W. LaVigne released the following statement in response to
Syngenta's announcement of the limited release of Agrisure Duracade:.
Nov 13, 2012 ... Six of the new hybrids feature Agrisure Artesian technology. Hybrids with
Agrisure Artesian technology offer growers an unprecedented level of ...
Sep 17, 2010 ... Vip3A, which powers the new Agrisure Viptera trait, is the industry's first
Vegetative Insecticidal Protein (VIP) in corn, and is the biggest ...
Apr 7, 2009 ... Stacking Dow AgroSciences' Herculex and Syngenta's Agrisure will offer your
grower-customers new choices and refuge reductions.
Mar 12, 2013 ... ... incorporated into corn seed products such as Agrisure GT, Agrisure RW,
Agrisure Viptera, Agrisure Artesian, Agrisure Duracade and Enogen, ...
Report: China Approves Viptera Corn, US Officials Await Confirmation
Dec 17, 2014 ... Chuck Lee, head of corn – North America, Syngenta, discusses issues with
Chinese import approvals regarding Syngenta's Agrisure Viptera ...