EDC Ag Products

Rank: 83 (Previous Rank: 79)
1309 Ridge Rd.
Suite 315
Rockwall TX 75087   
Phone: 972-722-1113
Fax: 972-722-1109
Website: http://www.eldoradochemical.com/agmain.htm
Organization Type: National or Regional Chain of Dealerships
Year Founded: 2014
Retail Outlets: 11
States Served: 3 (TN, TX, MO)
Employees: 62
2018 Revenue: $26-$50 million
Revenue by input: Crop Protection: 3%, Fertilizer: 93%, Seed: 2%, Custom Application: 2%

El Dorado Chemical Co. operates both wholesale and retail fertilizer blend plants. Our continued growth through the acquisition of new plants is allowing us to serve a growing number of customers. We currently operate wholesale blend plants in Texas and retail plants in Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee. Our retail facilities offer a full range of customer services, including soil sampling, custom blending and application and a supply of micronutrients, ag chemicals and seed.