Seawin Biotech Group Launches U.S. Business Division

Qingdao Seawin Biotech Group has announced the launch of the U.S. business division.

As China’s largest manufacturer of fertilizers made from seaweed, Seawin Biotech Group is the industry leader in China, with a 17-year history of providing high quality products. Producing nearly 100 seaweed-derived fertilizer and bio-stimulant products serving the plant nutrient needs of Chinese agriculture, the company has significant production resources; two seaweed harvesting and processing vessels with a total displacement of 10,000 tons, three world-class production platforms and a nationwide distribution network covering the entire Chinese domestic market. The Group will now apply its rich industry expertise and strong production capacity in serving the North American market.

Fred Tennant, an industry veteran, has been appointed General Manager of Seawin Biotech USA, with the new division headquartered in California. “I am very honored to lead the efforts of Seawin Biotech USA,” he said. “Seawin has a great product mix and excellent product quality. We will provide products designed to serve the US market demands and satisfy the great opportunity with our high production capacity.”

President and CEO of Qingdao Seawin Biotech Group, Jun Wei Shan added, “The North American market will be our key market for the next decade, while our ultimate goal is to become one of the most technologically advanced global companies in this industry. I have great confidence in the United States market, and I believe Fred Tennant has the ability to lead our business to success.”