XS Inc. Expanding Ag Retail Reach With AgVeritas

AgVeritas, the patented cloud-based yield analysis application launched by XS Inc for the 2015 season, is making a significant impact on the precision agriculture industry as retailers and consultants across the U.S. and Canada embrace this innovative tool. AgVeritas provides a simple and highly accurate way for growers to obtain statistically significant yield analyses that can be used to create precise prescriptions for placing minimum inputs while maximizing returns.


According to Allan Fetters, director of technology at Simplot Grower Solutions, “Analyzing product trials with AgVeritas enables us to measure the impact of the many factors that cause yield variability within a field. By accounting for these factors, we are able to more accurately assess the true yield response of the products we are testing, and ultimately pass that knowledge on to our customers.”

AgVeritas simultaneously analyzes multiple field characteristics and management practices to determine the key performance drivers for yield and profitability at precise locations on growers’ fields. This provides a simple way to generate highly accurate assessments of yield data by evaluating tens of thousands of yield data points on a field, versus the traditional analysis of one yield average across an entire field.

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