Raven’s Connected Workflow Promises Improved Efficiency, Logistics Management

Raven Industries’ acquisition of AgSync this past January is bearing fruit with the announcement of a new offering called Connected Workflow. Raven demonstrated the system to retailers and partners during a pre-conference event at InfoAg 2019 in St. Louis.


Designed to expand its logistics and control offering to help ag retailers find more efficiency and profitability in custom application operations, the system brings together the capabilities of AgSync, Slingshot, and the Viper 4+ software and hardware. The goal:  to allows users to seamlessly and wirelessly connect their office to the field and back again.

The system is designed to help retailers tie together their workflow and better manage key performance indicators like work, idle and transit times with real-time access. In addition, Connected Workflow will create more visibility, control and accuracy of all functions across the entire operation, regardless of size or number of locations, says Paul Welbig, Director of Slingshot Services + Logistics for Raven Applied Technology. Retailers using the platform have experienced an average of 20 percent gain in operational efficiency, by simplifying planning and work order generation, field application and invoice creation, he adds.

Connected Workflow can either function as a stand-alone offering or plug into existing systems as needed via a robust offering of APIs or custom software integrations — many of which are already completed for systems ag retailers are utilizing today.

“We’re excited to announce advancements in Raven’s Connected Workflow solutions,” says Welbig. “Progressive retailers need to look for innovative ways to enhance efficiency and profitability, as making significant margin on many of the traditional crop input products is getting more difficult. The simplicity and connectivity of our platform quickly gives retailers more control of their technology and does not require them to sell ‘added value’ to their grower customers to reap real benefits for their business.”

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