Innovative Forum Geared to Let Food, Farming, and Tech Leaders Mix it Up

Forbes Mixing Bowl NYCIndustry innovators in agriculture, food, and information technology are set to mix it up again at this year’s Forbes Mixing Bowl NYC event to be held March 22 at Forbes on Fifth in New York City. The unique interactive forum is designed to engage participants from leading global food and agriculture innovation hubs in order to discuss food and AgTech challenges and solutions.


The theme for this year’s event is “The Full Stack: Digitization of Food & Ag.” According to event organizers, “The Full Stack” forum will identify meaningful opportunities and short-term “sprint” developments, which address challenges in adoption, implementation, and engagement across the digitally-enabled food and agriculture landscape and explore concepts and questions such as:

  • Current Technology Adoption Curves within the Food Tech & AgTech
  • Digitalization the Physical Transport Layer
  • The Changing Digital User Interface & User Experience
  • Creating Stickiness at the Application Layer

In addition, there will be moderated discussions with industry leaders focusing on:

  • Cattle/Dairy Tech Stack
  • Restaurant Tech Stack
  • Tackling the Stack as a Startup

Some of the deeper-dive discussions will take place on:

Alternative Proteins and Cellular Agriculture

  • Fintech for AgTech
  • Digital Disruption in Hospitality
  • Personalized Food/Personalized Nutrition
  • Smart Kitchen
  • Building a Food-AgTech Innovation Hub
  • Indoor Agriculture at Scale

Once again, Meister Media Worldwide is proud to be media partner for the event.

More details, as well as ticket information, can be found at

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