iCropTrak Soil App Replacing PrecisionEarth For Soil Sampling

Cogent3D, Inc., the maker of the mobile PrecisionEarth dedicated soil sampling app, has announced the immediate availability of its newest iOS-based mobile soil sampling app called iCropTrak Soil.


iCropTrak Soil makes soil sampling fast, easy, collaborative and customizable:

FAST: Once logged in, one tap the user can see the list of existing soil samples for any field or zone. With two more taps have the collection points and sampling form displayed, map zoomed and centered, and you are ready to make the first sample.

EASY: Adding new vectors (boundaries, directed points, zones) is as easy as opening shape files using Dropbox folders. Don’t have existing vectors? Collect new boundaries and zones inside the app using the GPS or drawing them on the iPad.

COLLABORATIVE: Share your work like never before, one tap to email your collection points to the customer and the lab. Being cloud based, one tap gets you new data from the office, shares your collection data with others, and does a backup of your data for safe keeping.

CUSTOMIZABLE:  iCropTrak Soil uses the same dynamic application engine as our other iCropTrak tools, so no coding to have a customized form for sampling. Being part of the iCropTrak family, upgrade at anytime to one of the other levels of the tools which including scouting, planning, weather, work orders, and time cards is fast, easy, and you don’t have to reload any existing data.

To find out more about iCropTrak Soil and how it can help your organization be more efficient, visit www.PrecisionEarth.com or contact one of the sales staff at [email protected].

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