Farm Management Software Provider AgDNA Unveils New NDVI Crop Health Capability

Farm Management Software Provider AgDNA Unveils New NDVI Crop Health Capability

FMS platform AgDNA has released advanced NDVI satellite functionality, giving farmers, agronomists, and large ag equipment dealers access to some of the most advanced NDVI mapping tools commercially available.


AgDNA has announced the launch of an all new automated NDVI satellite mapping solution with advanced crop health and cloud detection capability.

The innovative precision mapping tool adds to the impressive suite of AgDNA FMS capabilities that cover all aspects of farm, fleet and financial management for large scale commercial crop producers. By integrating NDVI into the platform users can now monitor crop health throughout the growing season and take corrective action to manage risk, lower input costs, and maximize yield.

By utilizing composite Sentinel satellite imaging and advanced cloud detection technology, AgDNA can generate highly accurate vegetation health maps for all major crop types throughout the growing season. By highlighting issues within the field, growers and agronomists can save time and money by taking early action to protect crop yield in stressed regions.

The imagery can be used to easily create management zones and variable rate prescriptions to ensure the optimal amount of chemical, fertilizer or growth regulator is applied depending on the health and stage of the crop.

All of this is coming at a pivotal time as NDVI imaging has become an important topic of conversation among farmers who are uncertain about the impact that late planting has had on their season.

Mark Sullivan, Key Account Manager for AgDNA’s southern operations, believes the company’s new NDVI functionality is going to help alleviate some of their workload.

“Farmers are spinning a lot of plates at the moment, so precise automated crop monitoring is a major win for them,” Sullivan said. “But of course NDVI is more than just monitoring, it’s also a fundamental data set to build input prescriptions and variable rate strategies from as they move into a later spray season. It will probably become one of the most important parts of their precision ag toolkit in 2019.”

Paul Turner, CEO and co-founder of AgDNA, says AgDNA’s NDVI functionality may be a game changer for many farmers and the company as a whole.

“It’s no secret that NDVI has been around for a long time, but what sets AgDNA apart is the level of detail that we are packing into a low-cost subscription platform,” Turner says. “AgDNA’s satellite imagery is delivered automatically to our customers across millions of acres. It has an immediate return on investment and allows growers to more effectively manage their farming operation.

“Ease of use and return on investment is what sets us apart, something that has been the key to AgDNA’s overall success,” he continues. “Easing a farmer’s workload and increasing their profitability is critical to growing a sustainable long-term farming operation.”

The company’s data science team will continue to develop the satellite-based technology to deliver additional insights such as crop yield forecasting, nitrogen recommendations, irrigation optimization and more efficient crop protection strategies.

AgDNA’s integrated NDVI functionality is available now from any of AgDNA’s 400 authorized dealer locations as part of the platform’s Precision subscription package. To learn more visit

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