Ally Precision Industries Acquires Dakota Fluid Power’s Ag Division

Ally Precision Industries (API) has purchased Dakota Fluid Power’s (DFP) Ag division.


With the acquisition, API will provide a complete line of precision agricultural products for the ag industry, including manifold blocks and CAN-based control systems.  Combined with DFP’s MobileStar imbedded products, API’s full ISO Bus Precision Ag Suite has the potential to have a significant impact on the precision agricultural industry.

The acquisition facilitates the full combination of DFP and API, marking API’s entry into the North American market with its precision agricultural control products.

API will also continue to work closely with MobileStar to enhance and grow their product offering of steering and boom controls, as well as API’s CAN-based control systems.

API precision ag products are all ISO Certified to facilitate integration with a world of agricultural equipment and software, providing agribusiness leaders with more control and choice. 

API un-tethers agribusiness owners and providers from proprietary operating systems and hardware, creating the freedom and flexibility that the future of agriculture needs to push efficiency and yield.

Djamel Khali, formerly of Dakota Fluid Power, has been appointed as vice president of North American Operations and will oversee the sales and product development divisions of API’s wide offering of products.

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