5 Key Advantages of Digitizing Your Farm Records


Where you may have previously spent many late nights performing traditional record keeping tasks, automized features within an FMS can give you the time back you need.


As hand-written notes and conventional spreadsheets become a thing of the past, digital record keeping is becoming a mainstay, even in agriculture, reports Decisive Farming at PrecisionAg. Farm management systems (FMS) and apps are taking on much of the heavy lifting of record keeping making your experience more seamless. By embracing digitalization on your farm, your information and data are conveniently stored and can be instantly shared at the click of a button on the device of your choice, to the team members of your choice. It’s time to put down the pen and use an FMS to save time, increase accuracy for planning, make timely decisions, and streamline relationships. Start managing your farm the way you’ve always wanted.

Let’s look at some key advantages digitizing your farm records brings:

1. Improve collaboration between farm team

When everyone on your farm team has access to all on-goings, collaboration improves significantly. With the click of a button your team, including your trusted partners, can share and communicate activities within your operation. The ability to connect with your partners and/or link different information sources will strengthen your relationships.

Concerned about privacy around your information? Digitization requires top-notch security and a good FMS would consider the use of permission-based sharing. With the right FMS, you can set up custom permission settings and alerts to allow for the flow of information between the team of your choice.

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