Pesticide Waste Management Seminar to Provide Guidance on Disposing Unsaleable Product

Pesticide Waste Management Seminar to Provide Guidance on Disposing Unsaleable Product

The Mid America CropLife Association’s (MACA) Distribution and Environment Committee is hosting the Pesticide Waste Management Seminar at its quarterly meeting in St. Louis on November 8, 2017.¬† The seminar, which will include several regulatory compliance and waste specialists, aims to provide industry guidance and best practices to better assist with the constant struggle surrounding the disposal of unsaleable pesticide product in distribution.


“It became clear through many discussions among MACA members, that a lot of our companies struggle with pesticide disposal while in distribution,” says Bill Morgan,¬†Distribution Safety Specialist at Bayer CropScience.¬†“This seminar is focused on pesticide waste in the distribution network. Each presenter will provide a targeted presentation and will be a part of an open discussion (Q&A) on the aspects and regulations for handling and disposing of pesticide waste that occur in the distribution network.”

Pesticides are shipped and stored throughout the country. Each state and the federal government has specific regulations governing the handling of waste (both hazardous and non-hazardous). “These regulations vary and create confusion for producers, distributors, carriers, and 3PL warehouses,” Morgan says. “Product stewardship is a primary core value for the ag industry. Understanding and applying these regulations properly is a vital part of that effort.”

The D&E Committee hopes others find value in this topic and will attend this seminar on November 8, 2017. For more information and/or to register, visit

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Thank you Lindsey Jackson for putting this seminar together!