Dealership Security And You: Expert Advice

For the past 19 years, a few worthy retailers have been annually honored as Environmental Respect Award winners. These dealerships set examples in the areas of stewardship and security that all retailers should strive to match. Below you will find several photographs taken at the 2009 national, regional, and state winners’ locations that illustrate a thorough understanding of dealership security and safety.


Key Points To Consider

A. To completely protect an outlet, retailers should consider installing a fence around their property. At the very least, signs should be posted telling visitors where to go to maintain security protocols.

B. Security cameras can be installed at a facility to monitor sensitive or potential theft items such as anhydrous ammonia tanks and fuel storage tanks.

C. Used motor oil should be collected and kept in an enclosed area away from other parts of the facility. Retailers should also take steps to protect their water supplies from tampering or spill danger.

D. Employees should regularly undergo training to handle minor spills. Spill kits to addess any spills or accidental releases of product should be kept in assessible locations around the facility, and employees must know how to use them.   

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