Missouri has reiterated its commitment to allow farmers to have access to technology and this decision to issue a temporary Stop Sale, Use or Removal Order for all agricultural uses of dicamba products in Missouri allows the State to engage in an expedited investigation process and consider additional special local need labeling restrictions for the remainder of the 2017 growing season.  Monsanto will actively engage in that process and appreciates the continued collaboration with the State of Missouri.

Monsanto is complying with the Order and encourages all growers, retailers and distributors to do the same.

We spent years developing the XtendMax with VaporGrip Technology to minimize the potential for off-site movement.  We want to stress how important it is that growers and applicators who use our product follow the label requirements and any local requirements.

Dicamba products approved for in-crop use are valuable tools for growers to manage problematic weeds.  Monsanto is committed to remaining actively engaged in this conversation and doing our part to help farmers use the Roundup Ready® Xtend® Crop System successfully.

We strongly encourage farmers using approved dicamba products in other states to make their voice heard. Share how important this tool is to your farm and how you are using it responsibly. We have heard those stories. To help ensure your continued access to dicamba products, make sure your elected officials and relevant agencies hear those stories, too.

We encourage customers with questions or concerns to call 1-844-RRXTEND.