Diflumax 2L Insect Growth Regulator Receives EPA Section 3 Registration

HELM AGRO US, Inc. has announced the EPA Section 3 registration of its new Diflumax 2L Insecticide/Miticide. Containing the active ingredient diflubenzuron, Diflumax 2L delivers broad-spectrum insect control in a wide range of field and row crops, orchard crops and non-crop areas.

“Diflumax 2L controls a broad-spectrum of key insect pests, including armyworms, grasshoppers, Mormon crickets, pear psylla, codling moth, leafminers, Asian citrus psyllid, citrus rust mite and others,” stated Troy Bettner, Marketing & Business Development Leader for HELM AGRO US. “It’s a very versatile product that can be used on crops ranging from soybeans, cotton and wheat to citrus, stone fruit (excluding cherries) and tree nuts. It can even be used in non-crop areas, grasslands and CRP land.”

Because it provides a wide margin of safety to beneficial insects and pollinators, Diflumax 2L is an ideal fit for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. In addition, with its novel insect growth regulator properties, Diflumax 2L can be a component in integrated resistance management (IRM) programs.

Diflumax 2L contains two pounds of diflubenzuron per gallon of product and comes in 4 X 1-gallon cases, with 48 cases per pallet. For more information about Diflumax 2L and the complete line of crop protection products from HELM AGRO US, please visit www.helmagro.com or contact your nearest HELM AGRO distributor.