A new powerful force for disease control is now available from INNVICTIS CROP CARE, LLC.

TREVO TRZ is a combination of tetraconazole and azoxystrobin. With curative and preventative control, TREVO TRZ provides a one two punch against the most costly diseases in corn, soybeans, and sugarbeets including gray leaf spot, Northern corn leaf blight, frogeye leaf spot cercospora, powdery mildew, rust and a host of others. The combination of these two different modes of action not only helps fight against resistance but also broadens the spectrum of disease control and lengthens residual.

What makes TREVO TRZ truly unique is the combination of these two specific active ingredients. Tetraconazole is the most highly systemic Triazole on the market today. It penetrates the leaf surface quickly and then moves throughout the plant migrating to new plant growth for added protection. Azoxystrobin, a strobilurin, provides the broadest spectrum of control and proven performance.

“TREVO TRZ is the combination of azoxystrobin and tetraconazole, two powerful fungicides that exhibit preventative, systemic, and curative activity to offer the best in class fungicide protection against numerous plant pathogens while maximizing yields and providing a return on investment,” says Will Scott, Technical Services and Market Development Manager for INNVICTIS CROP CARE, LLC.

A healthy crop is a yielding crop. Protection against yield robbing diseases with TREVO TRZ will help protect your bottom line. Apply TREVO TRZ when conditions are favorable for disease development.