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Technology That Works From The Inside Out


From a fertilizer input perspective, nitrogen has the greatest impact on plant biomass. It is a key element growers use to boost yield and plant performance. Unfortunately, nitrogen use efficiency is generally less than 50 percent. Take Off® is a revolutionary nitrogen-management technology that accelerates nutrient acquisition, assimilation and efficiency of nitrogen. Discovered by Los Alamos National Laboratory and developed by Verdesian Life Sciences, Take Off works from inside the plant to improve nitrogen use efficiency, boost crop growth and increase yield. You’ll hear from Kurt Seevers, technical services manager with Verdesian Life Sciences, who will give an overview on Take Off technology and how research shows that when properly applied, Take Off delivers results in a wide variety of crops and a healthier return on investment.

Learn the science behind new Take Off technology and how it works INSIDE the plant.
•             More efficient use of nutrients
•             Faster germination and emergence
•             Stronger, healthier plants
•             Greater yield potential.

1 CCA CEU in Nutrient Management | Registration courtesy of Verdesian Life Sciences


Become A Phos Boss And Take Control Of Early-Season Nutrition


When young plants want phosphorus, can your fertilizer deliver? Learn about Nu-Trax™P+, a new fertilizer product from the makers of Wolf Trax Innovative Nutrients. Nu-Trax P+ does a better job of delivering the right, scientifically-derived blend of phosphorus, zinc and other nutrients essential for early-season growth compared to traditional phosphorus alone.

Join this free webinar to learn more about the challenges associated with early-season phosphorus management and how this new product can make a difference to your customers’ crops.

Register now to also get a free Phos Boss Dealer kit.

1 CCA CEU in Nutrient Management | Registration courtesy of Wolf Trax


Combatting Troublesome Weeds: Palmer Amaranth and Horseweed


Palmer amaranth and horseweed (marestail) can cause growers costly problems in soybeans, cotton and corn. Join this Webinar for expert advice on how to effectively control and manage these troublesome weeds. You’ll hear from Dr. Christy Sprague from Michigan State University on management strategies for Palmer amaranth. Dr. Tom Mueller, University of Tennessee, will address glyphosate-resistant horseweed (marestail) management, and Dr. Bob Bruss, Nufarm Technical Services Manager, will give a brief overview on Nufarm products to help fight these tough weeds.

1 CCA CEU in Pest Management | Registration courtesy of Nufarm


Seed Care Success: Insights from Retailers on Technology and Trends


Many ag retailers have successfully integrated seed care products into their service mix, building a significant profit niche for their businesses. Tune in December 17 to hear insights from a panel of experts on why they implemented seed treatments into their offerings, what equipment they are using, how they are managing customer expectations, and much more. Plus, you’ll hear product updates from several leading seed care providers.

1 CCA CEU in Pest Management | Registration courtesy of ABM, BASF, Monsanto BioAg, USC, and Valent


Introduction to Producer Risk Management — Selective Hedge Software


As agricultural retail professional and advisors to producers, we must be armed with the newest grain marketing tools to get the job done. Moving into a more challenging risk management atmosphere, growers must know on a daily basis where their net profit stands in relation to their original goals, and how to pull together a comprehensive grain marketing program. Selective Hedge provides the platform to accomplish this. Selective Hedge is designed to:

  • Be an interactive enterprise data management software program.
  • Protect and maximize profit per acre.
  • Create a daily snapshot of a crop’s value relative to the marketplace conditions.
  • Outline and model the producer’s hedging strategies in a clear, concise, and easy to understand visual format.
  • Provide the right information at the right time for the producer to make sound financial decisions.

1 CCA CEU in Professional Development | Registration courtesy of Perdue AgriBusiness


The Hidden Threat of Phytophthora and Pythium


Seedling diseases can be a chronic problem in soybeans. Phytophthora and Pythium are two of the most prevalent early-season diseases that soybean growers face. Join this webinar featuring Dr. Alison Robertson of Iowa State University to learn more about management strategies for these problems.

1 CCA CEU in Pest Management | Registration courtesy of Valent



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