Wil-Rich Markets Redball Line

Wil-Rich Markets Redball Line

Wil-Rich, LLC will become the exclusive marketer of Redball, LLC’s line of strip-till equipment.


Redball will continue as manufacturer, but now the Redball strip-till line will complement the broad range of tillage equipment from Wil-Rich. Besides providing the strip-till line with more prominence in the marketplace, the move allows Redball to focus efforts on its new self-propelled sprayer and high-clearance trailer sprayers.

Redball strip-till units will be available on Redball toolbars up to 30 feet wide, and on Wil-Rich Houck toolbars up to 60 feet wide. Wil-Rich also markets commodity air carts, which enable your grower-customers to efficiently apply fertilizers through strip-till row units.


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