Transgenic Beans Earn Asian OK

Transgenic Beans Earn Asian OK

Monsanto Co. has received final regulatory approval in Japan, the Philippines, and Taiwan for its second-generation soybean technology, Roundup Ready 2 Yield.


According to Monsanto, these approvals represent significant progress toward the commercialization of this new higher-yielding soybean technology.

"Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans are poised to deliver a new yield advantage to U.S. farmers and pave the way for the development of stacked-trait offerings in this oilseed crop," says Dr. Robert T. Fraley, Monsanto’s chief technology officer and executive vice president. "Importantly, this new soybean product is expected to offer farmers a novel way to get more yield out of a single acre of land, a critical step as farmers work to meet the growing food and fuel demands of our world."

Last July, Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans completed the regulatory process in both the U.S. and Canada. The product is currently under scientific review by the European Food Safety Authority as well as regulatory authorities in China and other key export markets.