TFI Disputes President’s Cancer Panel Report

TFI Disputes President’s Cancer Panel Report

The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) has issued the following statement regarding the inclusion of fertilizers in a recent report by President Barack Obama’s Cancer Panel titled “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk, What we Can do Now.”


“The Fertilizer Institute is unaware of any scientific information that warrants fertilizers’ mention in this report, when in fact the nutrients found in fertilizers are required by all living organisms.

Further, the references to fertilizer in the report released today are contrary to the available body of literature which demonstrates that fertilizers have a positive effect on human health by enhancing the nutritional quality of fruits and vegetables.

Finally, all major fertilizer products have been proven safe after rigorous human health and ecological toxicity testing. The results of these tests were successfully submitted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency into an international database of chemicals managed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.”