StarLink Testing Guidance Ends

StarLink Testing Guidance Ends

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has withdrawn its voluntary guidance on testing for the presence of the Cry9C protein found in StarLink corn hybrids.


FDA was providing its guidance to corn dry millers and masa flour manufacturers to test all inbound corn for the Cry9C protein.

The withdrawal is concurrent with a white paper published by EPA that states the presence of Cry9C has been sufficiently removed from the human food supply and that there is no longer any justification for continued testing of the protein for StarLink corn. Concerns arose in late 2000 and until today, the FDA’s guidance had been in effect since January 2001.

"The U.S. Grains Council applauds USDA’s decision," says Ken Hobbie, U.S. Grains Council president and CEO. "We hope our international customers use sound science to eliminate StarLink testing and documentation requirements."