Railroads Still Maintain Liability

Railroads Still Maintain Liability

The railroad safety bill has been signed into law, and there’s good news for ag retailers.


On Oct. 16, President George W. Bush signed a bill authorizing appropriations for the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) railroad safety and passenger rail service for fiscal years 2009-2013. The bill, H.R. 2095, includes several new provisions for railroad safety.

This bill is significant to agricultural retailers, says the Agricultural Retailers Association, due to the railroads’ recent request of the Surface Transportation Board to indemnify the railroads from liability in the case of a toxic by inhalation spill. Since H.R. 2095 requires the railroads to pay for the new safety measures, the bill indicates Congress’ intent that the railroads maintain responsibility for rail shipments.

(Source: Agricultural Retailers Association)

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