Product Offers New Disease Control Options

Product Offers New Disease Control Options

DuPont has applied to regulatory authorities in the U.S. for registration of a broad-spectrum fungicide that offers preventative and curative disease control to help growers improve crop productivity and quality. DuPont Aproach fungicide is initially expected to be labeled for disease control in corn, soybeans, cereals, dry beans, peas, and canola.


Submitting this registration application for Aproach marks a key milestone for the DuPont Crop Protection business in the U.S. The product, which is currently available in 28 countries in Europe and Latin America, has displayed excellent efficacy against costly diseases caused by fungal agents, including gray leaf spot and barley scald. DuPont anticipates launching Aproach in the U.S. as early as 2012, and plans to develop additional products based on the fungicide’s active ingredient, picoxystrobin.

“We’re proud to continue to provide innovative answers to disease control issues, helping growers meet the global demand for increased food production,” says John Chrosniak, regional business director for North America – DuPont Crop Protection. “This new fungicide exemplifies how DuPont Crop Protection is continuing to apply market-driven science to help growers maximize crop yield and quality.”

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