Pioneer Launches Y Series Beans

A new generation of soybean varieties will be the largest commercial product launch in Pioneer Hi-Bred’s 82-year history.

Pioneer, a DuPont business, is bringing its new Y Series soybeans to market for the 2009 growing season. According to the company, these varieties deliver unprecedented productivity gains to North American soybean growers.

The seed company intends to offer enough seed to plant about 9 million acres of the Y series soybeans in 32 new varieties. The entire line has demonstrated a 5 percent yield advantage against key competitor varieties in more than 1,800 on-farm comparisons, with some varieties yielding 6 percent to 10 percent better than their competitors, according to Pioneer. The launch of the new Y Series is the result of a proprietary matrix of traits and technologies that Pioneer researchers have been developing and deploying to accelerate product development. Pioneer is employing its exclusive Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT) and marker-assisted selection to boost the yield potential and improve the agronomic performance of these varieties.

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