High-Tech Inspiration

High-Tech Inspiration

If you haven’t really jumped onto the precision agriculture bandwagon yet, or your program seems to be in a rut, be sure to read Group Editor Paul Schrimpf’s cover story, “Technology In Overdrive,” in our upcoming May issue.


The article focuses on Jimmy Sanders, Inc., a long-time CropLife 100 member, and how the company’s early roots in precision agriculture a decade ago have helped mold its continued implementation of new technology today. From the start, Jimmy Sanders’ corporate philosophy “aimed at creating a holistic precision offering.”

Dedicating people and resources to evaluating new technologies, determining if they’d be a fit, and incorporating them into the day-to-day business climate helps Jimmy Sanders build its value in its grower community.

This is a dealership that has never considered precision agriculture to be a fad, integrating it into the way it does business every day — and its story may inspire and reinvigorate your own program.