Disposal Measure Almost In The Can

Disposal Measure Almost In The Can

EPA says the proposed final rule on container collection and recycling is progressing.


The rule, which requires pesticide registrants of agricultural and professional specialty pesticides to support appropriate collection and recycling of one-way disposable plastic containers, is part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008 signed by President Bush on Dec. 26, 2007.

It is supported by CropLife America and the Ag Container Recycling Council. CropLife America has continued discussions with members of Congress during its recent 2008 Legislative Rally. "Members of the House and Senate remain committed to seeing this important stewardship completed as soon as possible," says Beau Greenwood, CropLife America executive vice president of Government Relations and Public Affairs.

"We encourage all stakeholders to participate in the upcoming comment period when the rule is published in the Federal Register," including retailers, adds Jay Vroom, president and CEO of CropLife America.


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