Bee Valve Catalog Interactive

Bee Valve Catalog Interactive

Bee Valve Inc. has released its 2009 full-line catalog of fluid handling products on an interactive CD. What will you find on it?


The catalog contains Bee Valve’s lines of ball valves; strainers; couplers and adapters; tank accessories; gauges; quick coupling connectors, and hose, pipe and nozzle fittings.

The interactive CD facilitates easy navigation between product sections with bookmarks and imbedded jump links. Each and every product in the CD catalog has a convenient price look-up link. In addition to the interactive catalog, the CD includes a downloadable print catalog and price book in PDF format. The CD also features a fillable order form which can be e-mailed or faxed and a Bee Valve Web site link.

Bee Valve Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of low-pressure fluid control and handling products and offers a complete line of ball valves, couplers, adapters, strainers, fittings, and gauges.

(Source: Bee Valve)