Atrazine Makers Lose Legal Battle

Atrazine Makers Lose Legal Battle

Despite the efforts of the six manufacturers of the popular herbicide atrazine, a water contamination lawsuit against them will proceed. This is one of the first cases of its kind in the U.S.


The case centers around a public drinking water provider in Illinois whose water supplies are contaminated with atrazine. Representing the water provider are Dallas, TX-based Baron & Budd and Korein Tillery of St. Louis, MO. The legal battle took place after the six manufacturers of atrazine attempted twice to have the lawsuit dismissed at an early stage.

The ruling by Madison County Circuit Court Judge Daniel Stack allows the lawsuit to proceed after finding that the water providers had sufficient facts to show that the manufacturers had knowledge of the possible harm of the chemical.

Atrazine is a widely used agricultural chemical that is commonly applied to crops in the U.S. to control weeds. According to Baron & Budd and Korein Tillery, approximately 1,200 public drinking water systems are currently contaminated with Atrazine and the number is expected to increase.

The court’s ruling clears the way for the parties to proceed with discovery.

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