Aphids Should Beware Flower Power

Aphids Should Beware Flower Power

The European Commission has approved the import, processing, and use of the YieldGard Corn Borer technology — stacked with the Roundup Ready Corn 2 trait — for food and feed use in the European Union.


Both traits were created and commercialized by Monsanto Co. In 2005, the EU had grandfathered this stacked product already in the marketplace for use in processed feed, but had not acted until granting full regulatory approval for both food and feed use.

"This decision is good news for U.S. corn growers who have rapidly adopted this new technology on their farms," says Ernesto Fajardo, U.S. crop production lead for Monsanto Co.

The full EU approval means the Market Choices designation for these hybrid varieties and the existing grain channeling requirements will now be removed.