AMVAC Buys Insecticide Product Line

AMVAC Buys Insecticide Product Line

AMVAC has acquired the Phorate insecticide product line from Aceto Agricultural Chemicals Corp.


Phorate is used on corn, cotton, rice, and sugarcane, along with potatoes and peanuts, to protect against chewing and piercing-sucking insects. Purchased assets included registrations, data, know-how, and certain inventories. The acquisition was made in connection with the settlement of pending litigation between AMVAC and Aceto Ag, and details of the transaction were not disclosed.

"We are pleased to have completed this acquisition," says Eric Wintemute, president and CEO of AMVAC. "Aceto Ag has done a commendable job of developing niche markets for phorate, particularly in peanuts. We look forward to expanding our presence and to serving customers in those markets."

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