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Environmental Respect As A Lifestyle

By their nature, winners of Environmental Respect Awards are driven. Not only do these individuals and the companies they represent excel at environmental stewardship in their communities, but they never stop trying to improve upon this effort. I witnessed this drive myself during last week’s Environmental Respect Award Celebration agenda. During this week-long event July

Centennial Ag Supply Named 2013 National Environmental Respect Award Winner

Jim Fargo, plant manager for the Centennial Ag Supply location in Kersey, CO, bowed his head in awe. His location had just been named the National winner of the Environmental Respect Awards for 2013, besting four other regional winners from across the U.S. “I’m humbled to receive this honor,” said Fargo, accepting his crystal trophy

CPS Millingport: A Long History Of Environmental Respect

The Crop Production Services facility in Millingport, NC, has been a regular part of this community since 1959. Even though it’s been known by a variety of names during that time (including Royster-Clark), the plant has always maintained a proactive stance on protecting the environment. “I strongly feel that having a true respect for the

Crop Production Services Salem: Taking Vegetation Management To The Next Level

First through the door, Ken Kuderer stopped and pointed down to a bright yellow piece of substantial angle iron jutting from the floor. “Watch your step there,” he says to his guests. “That’s part of our containment. There are a few more around this facility.” It’s a glimpse of the attention to detail prevalent at