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An Ode To SpraCoupe Style

This May, the last Spra­Coupe self-propelled sprayer will roll off the assembly line at one of AGCO Corp.’s production facilities. For a brand that dates its history back to 1961, this will mark the end of an era. For the past 50 years, the SpraCoupe brand has served growers who wanted smaller professional-grade self-propelled application

Historic Hagie

In 1947, Ray Hagie invented the world’s first high-clearance self-propelled sparyer and founded Hagie Manufacturing Co. in Clarion, IA. In 1958, the company introduced the Hagie Model 260. This unit sported a 205-gallon solution tank and a 24-hp Kohler engine. The Hagie Model 260 also had a 6-volt electrical system that powered the unit’s starter

Big ‘A’ Rolls On

As classic pieces of Big IRON go, Big As have proven extremely durable. Over the years, CropLife IRON has received information from literally dozens of ag retailers and growers that are still relying on Big A units to do much of their field work. This month, we look at another such iron workhorse. The Big

A 100 Year Cycle

Back in 1912, DeKalb began producing products for the agricultural marketplace. Now, 100 years later, the company is still going strong. To honor this milestone, DeKalb has commissioned the building of a 100th anniversary motorcycle. Designed by Paul Jr. Designs, the motorcycle features an antique board-tracker look to reflect a 1912 motorcycle style, as well

A Resident Deere

Sometimes, a classic piece of IRON isn’t sought out or purchased at auction. On occasion, the product is just another part of scenery when everyone moves in. This seems to be the case with one John Deere 60 tractor which now resides at the AgriGro Farm Center outlet in Hartford, KY. According to workers at

Chick Watching

In 1993, Indiana grower William “Chick” Bugher needed a couple of pieces of Classic IRON to help out on his 2,500-acre farm in Gibson County, near the city of Princeton. Since his property is located in the bottom area between the Patoka and White Rivers and he primarily applies 28% nitrogen, Bugher needed some reliable

Big A Fans

There’s an old saying that proclaims: “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” For its fertilizer application needs, Burrer Farms of Elyria, OH, is a firm believer in this bit of conventional wisdom. Since the 1980s, the company has handled much of its dry and liquid application work with four Big A units, which date

Ford Tough

For visitors to the crop fields of West Central Minnesota, many might not believe their eyes. There, still working the application circuit is at least one Ford F-700 truck circa 1979. This workhorse unit features a 475 horsepower gas engine and is equipped with an 8-ton ground-driven Tyler spinner box. According to the unit’s owner,

Eating Acres

The battle cry from the U.S. government back in 1967 was, “We need 30 million more acres!” With world grain stocks at near break-even, and an international policy that used food support as a way to maintain peace and positive relations with other countries (and to stem the tide of Soviet communism), government officials were