REGALIA® Rx biofungicide for broad-acre crops from Koch Agronomic Services

REGALIA® Rx biofungicide, with its unique mode of action, is available from Koch Agronomic Services, LLC (KAS), for U.S. corn, soybean and wheat growers who want a cost-effective improvement to their existing fungicide program.

REGALIA® Rx is an EPA-registered product featuring a one-of-kind (FRAC P5) Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) mode of action, a proactive process that induces the plant’s defense mechanisms in the absence of a pathogen. As a tank mix with conventional fungicides or used alone, REGALIA® Rx provides defense against fungal pests and bolsters plant health and crop performance.

“Growers currently have limited options to manage diseases in their crops. With the unique mode of action in REGALIA® Rx, they receive better protection against a wide array of pathogens,” says Greg Schwab, PhD, KAS Director of Agronomy.

Protect crop, increase yield
In field trials conducted on conventional crops, REGALIA® Rx delivered higher yields when used in combination with conventional broad-acre foliar fungicides*:

  • Average corn yield benefit: 7.2 bu/acre
  • Average soybean yield benefit: 3.4 bu/acre
  • Average wheat yield benefit: 5.7 bu/acre

For organic crops

REGALIA® Rx is an OMRI-certified biofungicide that can be applied alone or in rotation with other approved organic fungicides.

Available now
It’s not too late to add REGALIA® Rx to in-season applications.

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*Based on data collected from 140+ trials conducted between 2013 – 2016 by Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. and Koch Agronomic Services. In these trials, REGALIA® Rx + fungicide increased yield compared to fungicide alone in 77% of the corn trials, 85% of the wheat trials, and 67% of the soybean trials. The average yield benefits shown represent data from the trials in which the grower fungicide + REGALIA® Rx resulted in a yield increase compared to the yield delivered by use of the grower fungicide alone. All users should keep in mind that results may vary based on a number of factors, including environmental conditions.

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