Improve Efficiency, Reduce Loss

Greg Schwab, PhD., Director of Agronomy at Koch Agronomic Services, LLC (KAS), discusses preventing nitrogen loss despite variable weather conditions.

Dr. Schwab spoke with North Dakota farm broadcaster Mick Kjar (KQLX-AM) about products from KAS that help make commodity fertilizers more efficient and protect nitrogen as weather swings back-and-forth between winter and spring in many areas. The interview was conducted at NAFB Trade Talk in Kansas City, Mo., in November 2016.

  • AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer, AGROTAIN PLUS® nitrogen stabilizer and SUPERU® Fertilizer are KAS products used by farmers to help improve nitrogen use efficiency and reduce nitrogen loss
    • SUPERU® Fertilizer:
      It’s the highest concentration of nitrogen available in a finished, granular fertilizer product that’s scientifically proven to protect against ammonia volatilization in cold weather as well as leaching and denitrification during wet conditions. And uniform granules provide broader, more even spread patterns, so you can cover more acres in a day.
  • Schwab also discussed REGALIA® Rx fungicide, added to the KAS portfolio last year, which protects against a wide array of crop diseases and delivers a complimentary Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) mode-of-action. REGALIA® Rx is available for U.S. broad acre crops in conventional and organic markets.
  • Regardless which KAS product a grower is considering using, Schwab suggests they contact their county Extension Specialist for guidance. These local experts are well-versed in nitrogen stabilizer product usage.

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