Get the first strike against waterhemp

A preemergence first strike against yield-limiting waterhemp can give soybeans the early season boost needed to reach yield potential. A member of the pigweed family, waterhemp has the ability to produce at least 250,000 seeds per plant and is a serious competitor for sun, water and nutrients.

The best strategy to control waterhemp includes aggressive tillage and a program approach using preemergence and postemergence herbicides with multiple modes of action. Soybean growers can use Sonic® herbicide preemergence to control waterhemp into the growing season.

Sonic has been proven to provide 94 percent efficacy of waterhemp four weeks after application.1

Learn more about how you can help your customers control waterhemp and other troublesome weeds at the retailer-exclusive online resource,

1Data is from a combination of Dow AgroSciences and university trials.

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