Brand new molecule reveals the power of the salt

BASF rebuilds dicamba chemistry with new BAPMA salt in EngeniaTM herbicide.

What do heavier molecular weight and stronger chemical bonds get you in a herbicide?

When the solution is Engenia herbicide, the answer is simple: You get a powerful new weed control solution that’s worth its salt.

BAPMA salt, to be specific.

When BASF set out to re-engineer dicamba, the scientists didn’t just stop at an additive, as in the case of Monsanto’s Xtendimax. They built an entirely new dicamba molecule, one with unique properties among dicamba formulations.

Designed specifically for dicamba-tolerant crops, the BAPMA formulation is unique relative to DGA and DMA dicambas in that it produced a heavier molecular weight and created stronger bonds. The clear and positive result of this innovative chemistry: reduced volatility. The weight and bond strength mitigate the potential for volatility by up to 90%.

Another beneficial outcome of the formulation is the low use rate: at 12.8 oz/A, Engenia herbicide has the lowest use rate of any dicamba product on the market. That makes it well suited for direct injection, which saves growers and applicators additional time and money in the field.

Engenia herbicide has been formulated to allow flexibility in future tank-mixing options, which include glyphosate, upon EPA approval. Visit to learn more.

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