The In-Furrow Advantage: Growers Protect Seed Investments Before Season Begins

With a myriad of weather conditions served up by Mother Nature and varying commodity prices, more and more corn and soybean growers rely on in-furrow fungicide applications to protect their seed and crop investments.

“By applying fungicide in-furrow, there’s extra disease protection covering both the area around the seed and in the furrow,” said Lynn Justesen, Technical Sales Specialist for Fungicides, Arysta LifeScience. “With this application, seedlings get that extra protection, which may lead to increased nutrient and water intake. It also may help prevent seedling damage by promoting seedling emergence, which should lead to a uniform stand and healthy root development.”

New solutions to the agriculture market, including TEPERA™ PLUS Fungicide+Insecticide and TEPERA Fungicide, provide growers with options that go directly into the soil. As plants emerge, their roots take up the fungicide and move it through the plant to deliver disease control and overall plant health effects. Both products contain fluoxastrobin, a highly systemic and residual strobilurin. TEPERA PLUS is also the only fungicide plus insecticide premix on the market with a full-rate fungicide for in-furrow use.

The Results
In on-farm trials in 2016, TEPERA PLUS applied in-furrow while planting corn produced a yield increase of 14 bushels per acre on average compared to the untreated control and 6.8 bushels per acre in soybeans.

Ease of Use
Growers also want easy-to-use products in-furrow. With products like TEPERA and TEPERA PLUS, there is no dilution necessary to mix with liquid starter fertilizers. Each product stays in solution with minimal agitation in even the toughest fertilizer mixes, and both can be applied with water if starter fertilizer is not going to be used.

“You really don’t need to add or modify any equipment to use these products with liquid fertilizer. It just goes right in,” Justesen added. “It’s not a finicky formulation that turns into cottage cheese if you leave it in solution overnight.”

For additional information, consult this rate chart, visit or contact your local Arysta LifeScience sales representative.

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