State Of Seed Care Study: Top 8 Key Findings (Infographics)

State Of Seed Care Study: Top 8 Key Findings (Infographics)

CropLife recently conducted a survey of U.S. ag retailers on the state of the seed care industry. More than 100 retailers responded to the survey, providing valuable insight into this increasingly important segment of agriculture. Here are some of the key findings of the study:


An overwhelming majority (81%) of ag retailers are offering some kind of seed care/seed treatment service.


Not surprisingly, soybean was the No. 1 crop treated in 2014.


Ag retailers have increased their seed treatment business significantly over the past three years.


Fungicide was the No. 1 type of seed treatment offered by ag retailers, followed by insecticides and inoculants.


Most retailers (83%) offer all-in-one products, such as premixed products containing combinations of fungicides/insecticides.


Most retailers are treating more than 70% of all seed sold.


More than 80% of retailers say satisfaction with manufacturer support “meets” or “exceeds” expectations.


USC’s Automated Seed Treater is one of the most popular systems used by ag retailers.

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