Heartland Tank Protects Fertilizer From Extreme Cold At The Arthur Companies

Heartland Tank Protects Fertilizer From Extreme Cold At The Arthur Companies

The Arthur Companies in Harvey, ND, enlisted the help of Heartland Tank Services to develop a new liquid fertilizer facility that would help protect its product from the cold.

Brooks Burgum - The Arthur Companies

Brooks Burgum, The Arthur Companies

What They Needed

The Arthur Companies needed a new liquid fertilizer facility that would withstand the sub-zero winter temperatures and use the existing circle track at its Harvey, ND, location. With winter lows from -40 to -20 degrees F, product heat containment is critical for the liquid fertilizer products it intended to provide. The company recognized the need for local retailers to have 24-hour access to an uninterrupted supply of liquid fertilizer to more efficiently and consistently serve the growers. With recent railroad transportation issues, The Arthur Companies wanted to ensure its ability to receive product at any time and store it through the winter to be ready for fertilizer season. The addition would expand its Harvey operation that currently handles dry fertilizer, crop protection chemicals, seed and grain.

Allen Hawkins - Heartland Tank

Allen Hawkins, Heartland Tank

What We Designed

The facility includes a 2 million gallon PVC lined tank, a half million gallon insulated tank with a heating system and an automated loadout building. To accommodate the ammonium thiosulfate product in sub-zero temperatures, the half million gallon tank is fitted with 4-inch insulation housed in Ridglok insulation panels. Heat is introduced externally through an electric heating system. All piping, including the rail unloading line, is insulated and jacketed. It has the capability of unloading five railcars of product in two hours. The automated system loadout building also tracks the product temperature and level. This has proven the heat and insulation system’s capability as the tank retained a product temperature of 46 degrees F while temperature outside dipped down to -20 degrees and below.

Other Projects

Helena Chemical in Madison, SD, had a similar need to regulate one of their proprietary products but in an existing double wall tank. Heartland Tank Companies along with W Design Associates combined knowledge again, using the same insulation system but a different heating system to accomplish providing Helena Chemical the ability to manage the liquid fertilizer temperature within the tank. Using glycol as the heat transfer fluid, a two-inch stainless steel heat coil system is housed within the double wall tank that is connected to a heater and automated system that tracks the product temperature. The automated system ensures that Helena Chemical’s proprietary product in the double wall tank stays above 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

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