Survey: Most SD Consumers Like Ethanol

Survey: Most SD Consumers Like Ethanol

"South Dakota consumers get it," says David Fremark, St. Lawrence, SD, president of the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council (SDCUC). He’s referring to a SDCUC funded survey that showed the majority like ethanol and would like to use higher blends.


Approximately 76% of respondents currently used ethanol and 57% said would use higher blends, such as E15 or E30.

"Not one participant of the survey believed rising food prices had anything to do with agriculture production," he says.

Other numbers from the survey:

  • 89% said ethanol was important to South Dakota’s economy
  • 64% said agriculture drives South Dakota’s economy
  • 42% said oil costs are driving up food prices
  • 45% said farmers have a positive impact on the environment

"We’ve always known we have the support of our urban peers, but what this survey did was prove just how strong South Dakota consumers stand behind agriculture, farmers, and ethanol in this state," Fremark says.

The study, which was completed in June, surveyed 405 registered voters with characteristics representative of the South Dakota population, but not including those engaged in the agriculture industry.