Wilbur-Ellis Caldwell: Protecting People And The Planet

Wilbur-Ellis Caldwell: Protecting People And The Planet

For the team at Wilbur-Ellis in Caldwell, ID, environmental stewardship is a way to care for current and future generations. This “People + Planet” mentality is what earned them a 2011 state Environmental Respect Award.


“Wilbur-Ellis must have environmental respect so that we are able to help American agriculture grow for future generations,” says Kenny Macy, territory manager. “Investments are made to sustain and protect our business and the public of all that could be affected from the fields to the end product.”

Located about 25 miles from Boise, this Wilbur-Ellis location serves growers with crop protection products and fertilizer, consulting and computer mapping services and vegetation management solutions. Employees are trained extensively in safety and emergency response procedures, and written emergency plans are made available to all staff and are updated continuously. To educate the community, employees participate in chemical drop and grower training and have reached the community, schools and growers through these programs.

“Environmental respect is important to sustainable agriculture,” says Macy. “Without proper stewardship, agriculture will become more restricted. It is most important to communicate the benefits of environmental stewardship.”